'I have eventually met a therapist who has been able to help me find coherent answers that have allowed me to make sense to longstanding issues. Lila has also enabled me to develop a better understanding of myself through workable and understandable strategies. I find that I end a session with Lila with a greater sense of inner peace.' – L

'I thought therapy was about sitting on a sofa, pouring your heart out to a therapist who would just listen. Lila didn’t just listen, she understood me and she helped me be a better version of myself.' – M

'I started seeing Lila at a point in my life where I felt depressed and hopeless. I trusted her instantly and knew within the first few sessions that her support would help me heal from what I thought would hurt me for ever. Counselling with Lila is a unique experience, worth the investment. It’s engaging, soothing, and empowering.' – A