Privacy policy

I adhere to the BACP code of ethics and I fully comply with the GDPR requirements.

As the sole Manager of Counselling with Lila Warren, I hereby Lila Warren declare that I act as the controller of your personal information. I will securely process and store all data you share with me.

Please read below the safe practices I put in place for your data protection.

Data collection

  • I only collect the data I need to work with and use

  • Details recorded in the Contact Details form will only be use for the purpose of scheduling appointments.

  • I will not share your details with a third party and if you have a right to request for your details to be deleted at any time.

  • Our terms and conditions of the counselling relationship will be discussed during our initial phone consultation. A paper-based agreement including your personal details will be signed at the beginning of our first session together.

Secure storage

  • All paper-based information is kept in a lockable filing cabinet

  • Electronic information is securely kept in password protected devices that are only used by me.

Your rights

You have a right to access, request to correct and delete the data I hold.

  • Your request can be made over the phone, in an email, or face to face and require no explanation on your behalf


As per the BACP code of ethics I have to duty to disclose the information I collect in specific circumstances, this includes:

  • With your consent, in case of emergency where I will need to contact your GP or next of kin

  • With or without your consent, in the interests of preventing serious harm to yourself or others

  • Without your consent, in accordance with the statutory obligation to disclose (terrorism, drug trafficking and money laundering)

If you have any queries or comments, please call me on 07810023907 or send me an e-mail.